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how to tell if a girl is smart

0 0. How To Know If A Girl Has A Crush On You Signal #1 – She enjoys talking to you! Think about it for a minute. She Wants To Help You Grow; Being ambitious comes naturally for a smart shy girl and if she likes you she don’t mind pushing you along. Try hugging her as a greeting or after she tells you something personal or emotional. Intelligent girls are often a catch, and many of them know it. If you want to attract a busy girl, be busy yourself! You can subscribe to get them here. A smart girl would be giving you hints that she's attracted to you, you would most likely know. Remember, people seldom change, and marriage won’t make her change either. And less competent. As soon as you tell her that she has a sense of humor, that will be bound to another compliment, and that is `You are smart because funny people are really intelligent. There are girls out there who you'd like that would like you back. Twitter. If you’re still figuring out who you are, write in a journal each day. I don't know if you ever are interested in nerdy guys, but I can bet that there are a lot of nerds out there who'd fall head over heels for a smart girl like you in a heartbeat. Here are the 43 best signs to help you tell if a guy has a crush on you or not. But after several years, when the love chemicals have ebbed, this flaw may begin to grate on your soul. If she didn’t like you, she would be … This can help you practice mindfulness and become aware of how you really feel about different people and situations. Smart people just look at the fruit. But if you can pay attention to her subtle clues, you might find that she’s actually not all that hard to read after all. Go do fun things with your friends or spend more time doing a hobby that you really love. How to know if a smart, shy, confident girl likes me? Only touch her if her body language communicates openness and comfort. If you don’t know a girl and have just met her at a party or bar or through friends, you might be wondering what her relationship status is. That being said, staying up late won’t magically hack … But if she is interested in you on that level after getting to know you a little bit, chances are she will find a way to let slip that she is currently free and single. 4. % of people told us that this article helped them. It’s generally understood that girls are mysterious and that makes it harder to figure out whether or not a girl is interested in you but is just shy or she just isn’t interested. If a girl is laughing at all your jokes, even the lame ones, then she’s trying to tell you she likes you. Show that you also value investing in many different friendships, activities, and responsibilities. Say lightly, “We all have our strengths. Tell her about any enriching experiences you’ve had or hope to have, such as skydiving or traveling to a foreign country. We adults know that creativity is often born in the mess, so allowing it invites children to problem solve, invent, and produce original ideas. Never touch her sexually without her clear, verbal consent. It's really the relentless curiosity and pursuit of truth and understanding that makes someone smart to me. This is just a smart and effective way of coping with things. Anonymous. Busy girls typically value making the most of their time and committing to many different responsibilities and activities. She'll see you as more than the guy that buys her food. While smart girls may be intimidating, they aren’t out of your league. Girl children and teenaged girls are taught that it's all about being pretty, and you should be quiet and smiling, and certainly not say anything that might intimidate the insecure boys. Coming on too strong may repel her. Nor is the fact that someone has a strong opinion on a subject a reliable indicator that they know anything much about it. If a girl is open about her weakness that means she really wants to be vulnerable to you and give her all to you. Facebook. Signal Nine – Attentive Laughter. How girls flirt and clear signs she’s flirting with you We know, it can be hard to decode a woman’s words, much less her body language. If you really want to know how to pick up a smart girl, you’d be wise to remember that it's always better to seem inquisitive than authoritative. Anyway, I've got a stupid crush since I'm only in the area for a week, but I'd love to just tell her something like: "You're probably one of the smartest and just as equally prettiest girl I've talked to lately."

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