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festival of assam

IV) Nature assumes a charming form. Apart from the rest of the country it is also a colourfully celebrated by the people of Assam, specially it is the tremendous occasion for the people of Barpeta.During the “doul utsava” the hearts of Barpetians are overwhelmed with festivity and joy. Assam is the land of eternal spring and Bihu is one such Spring festival that brings to our mind a perfect cultural combo of love and religion. The word 'Bihu' is believed to have originated from the word 'Bishu' that means 'to ask for peace'. The river Luit is just 1.5 kilometers from the sub-divisional headquarter of Majuli Island, Garamur. Tea Festival of Assam State. Rajini Gabra The main festivities are held in Jorhat. It is celebrated in Jorhat and is hosted by Assam Tourism. Every year, large numbers of tourists visit Kaziranga to partake in the unique festival. This Festival has begun on 27th December on the bank of River Aie at Chirang district of Assam. Bihu or Bohag Bihu is the biggest festival of the people of Assam. Jorhat is well-known for its extensive tea gardens, and is the nerve centre of the tea industry. The Assam Majuli Festival is held on the bank of river Luit, the location of which has an immeasurably beautiful and picturesque milieu. A fusion of tea, music and enjoyment, the Tea Festival is a popular festival of Assam. Baisagu is a very popular seasonal festival of the Bodo of Assam. Elephant Festival of Assam is the largest elephant festival in India. Since it is the festival associated with the agrarian way of life in Assam, cattle, again, influence a major part of the Rongali Bihu rituals. This festival is an expression of joy of the people welcoming the spring season. This festival is dedicated to ‘Misi Sanljong’ … Wangala Festival Of Garo … This annual festival is celebrated at Kaziranga National Park in association with Tourism Department and Forest Department of Assam. Baisagu means the start of the new year. No other state can claim so much integration of the two as the Assamese feel it in the time of Bihu. Curiosity: Bihu Festival of Assam, Bihu Dance At Rang Ghar. It is said to be inspired from various festivals held in … Doul festival is a famous festival in India. However, in the below, I have explained one by one, on each of the three. It is held in November in various parts of Assam. Also the state of Assam is reckoned for the Bihu festival that depicts a set of three different cultural festivals of the state. If you have even heard a single word about Assam or know about it, you must have came across the word “BIHU". Baisagu is a Boro word which originated from the word "Baisa" which means year or age, and "Agu" that means starting or start Beshoma. Morning Train Journey from Jorhat in Assam to Dimapur in Nagaland. It is generally celebrated on the month of November. Because of this reason, the culture of the state has become a mixed culture and due to these mix cultures, Assam celebrates a lot of festivals within a year. Amidst Assam's verdant lushness and wild sanctuaries, much of the rest of the state is devoted to tea plantation which yield the strong Assam leaf popular all over the world. Indeed, the people of Assam are a merry lot who lose no opportunity to celebrate. Bihu dance festival is a set of three festivals denoting the culture of the north eastern state of Assam. There are three bihu. The festival is held in a region located at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the headquarters of Majuli, Garamur. One of the major festivals of Assam, Bihu is celebrated, in 3 different forms during 3 different times of the year, viz Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu in April, Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in January and Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu in the months of October and November. The basic thing you need to keep in mind that a s other carnivals and galas are celebrated all over the world by connecting agriculture and mating purposes.. Majuli Festival Of Assam Majuli festival is celebrated on the banks of the River Luit in Majuli, which is the biggest river island in the world. It is a 3-5 day affair for the people residing in here. WANGALA A HARVEST FESTIVAL CELEBRATED BY THE GARO TRIBE, WHO LIVE IN MEGHALAYA AND ASSAM IN HONOUR OF SALJONG (SUNGOD) SIGNIFICANCE AND HISTORY: Wangala is an important winter harvesting festival of the Garo Tribes residing in Meghalaya and Assam. The Important festival of Assam is Bihu, which is celebrated in three forms, viz.Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in the month of January, Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu in the month of April and Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu in the month of October/ November. The Bihu festival is celebrated in this background. The origin of the term ‘Bihu’ came from the Sankrit word that means ‘Vishu’. One of the main reasons for it being so enjoyable is the variety of food prepared during festival days. It is a festival that transcends all religious and class barriers bringing people together in a free and uninhabited manner. Attend the Hornbill Festival. Assam Tea Festival also brings along the time to enjoy some golfing in the ‘Jorhat Gymkhana’, which is the world’s third oldest golf-club that is still in use. Bihu. Assam is the state, where different types of people from different casts, religions, and languages live in. The celebration of Diwali in the Nepali community of Assam starts from trayodasi tithi (thirteenth day) of Krishna-paksha (the dark half of moon) in the month of Kartika(Oct–Nov) and goes on until dvitiya tithi (second day) of sukla-paksha (the bright half of moon).This five-day Diwali festival is also known as Tihar Parva in the Nepali community of Assam. This agricultural festival occurs three times a year but the biggest celebration, known as Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu, happens in April. It is generally celebrated in Assam but people from the Assamese diasporas have of late started to celebrate in all over the world. It is the cheerful festival of Assam that is celebrated by the locals irrespective of caste, creed and beliefs. Bihu is the main festival of Assam. It is the third edition of the festival. Bihu is the biggest festival celebrated in Assam. The month of Baisakh marks the approach of spring in Assam. So it is not surprising to see the state's festival calendar choc a bloc with a variety of fairs and festivals that attract visitors from all over. Usually the last day of the month of Choit or the last day of the old year is dedicated to the cattle, remembered as ‘Goru Bihu’. While in Assam, for the festival, a visit to the biggest tea auction center in Guwahati is a must. The Assamese observe not one but three Bihus. Bihu is the main festival of Assam, in north east India. It is a festival of colour and happiness. Fairs and Festivals in Assam. At this time trees and creepers are adorned with flowers in various colours. Dwijing Festival is an annual river festival celebrated in the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD) region of Assam. Magh Bihu is the celebration of harvest in Assam, which is concluded with lighting a bonfire (Meji) and praying the God of fire. Traditional Dance Source Ojapali, Devdasi, and Satriya are the major dancing styles of Assam. The Assam tea festival is an annual festival that has won national and international acclaim. This is a historic festival of Assam, and is being celebrated in Assam since 3500 B.C., although this festival in past is celebrated only once in a year … Bihu, Assam's pride and brightest festival, identifies the state's integrity and infectious energy. It is organised centrally by the Assam Tourism, Department of the Govt of Assam. The festival comes across as an exquisite blend of pleasure and work.Assam Tea Festival also brings along the time to enjoy some golfing in the ‘Jorhat Gymkhana’, which is the world’s third oldest golf-club that is still in use. Holi festival in Assam. Bihu, the carnival of Assam is celebrated three times as a symbolism to celebrate the change in season. Guwahati: Ali Aye Ligang, the spring festival of the Mising community of Assam, is being celebrated all over the state on Wednesday.Held on the first Wednesday of the Assamese month of 'Fagun', the festival marks the onset of seed sowing, especially the beginning of the 'Ahu' paddy cultivation. Bihu festival celebration date: 13/04/2020 – 14/04/2020. It has link with agriculture in true sense which turn out to be a grand celebration now a days. Initially, the festival was started as “Aie River Winter Festival“ in 2016-2017 by the local community. The fairs and festivals in Assam are a fine reflection of the state's jest for life. Assam is known far and wide for being an agricultural land, and Karam Puja is the festival that celebrates that means of livelihood.Taking place in August on nights of the auspicious full moon, it pays homage to an agricultural Lord that is believed to ward off evil from peasant families and … Along with being the most important festival, it can also be considered as one of the most pleasurable festivals of the state. Importance. Ali-Ai-Ligang is the spring festival, and the name of the festival is made up of three terms- 'Ali', root and seed, 'Ai' means fruit and 'Ligang', to sow. We attend two sessions a day over two days. Like all festivals, the Bihu festival is celebrated by following its ancient rites and practices New Year in April. Brahmaputra Beach Carnival is an open-air festival held in Guwahati on the ravine beaches of the mighty Brahmaputra river.It is held every year in the month of January that coincides with the Magh Bihu, the harvest festival in Assam. The ‘Festival of Festivals’ brings together the 16 major tribes of Nagaland to celebrate and share their dance, sport, food and religious traditions. Kati Bihu and Magh Bihu occurs in the month of Otober and Janurary respectively. Holi is regarded with the name of Phagwah or the festival of colours in Assam. It … While in Assam, for the festival, a visit to the biggest tea auction center in Guwahati is a … Administrative; Source: Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Delhi ( IGNCA ) Collection: Media Centre: Identifier: IG-08/DV-60/526: Title: Haflong Culture Festival of Assam (Vol. This festival is also celebrated by relating the same activities and purposes too. Oja or the lead dancer narrates a mythological story along with the fusion of dance and acting. Bihu is the most awaited festival in the state of Assam. Dwijing Festival which is jointly organized by Assam Tourism Department, Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) and Bodoland Tourism every year from 27th December to 7th January near the Aie River in the district of Chirang BTAD, Assam. Though, all the local regions of Assam have the same rituals during Holi, Barpeta is known to celebrate it in an entirely unique and grand style. The Tea Festival is held in the district of Jorhat in the northeastern state of Assam in India. There is beauty all around. Beshoma is a festival of Deshi people. Assamese people celebrate it every year with great love and enthusiasm.

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